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EASEEtrade™ is a transaction exchange and EDI trading hub. Supporting transaction store and forward, transaction conversion and transaction retransmission.

EASEEtrade™ allows a trading partner to create and support one single secure EDI interface. With only one connection set up it is simple and quick. EASEEtrade™ then allows the trading partner to connect to multiple supplier and buyer without the need to under go extensive connection issues with each connection.

EASEEtrade™ will collect, store and forward the EDI transaction to the relevant trading partner. If the partners network is not available then EASEEtrade™ will wait and try again later without you needing to attend to any details. If the trading partner requires a different EDI standard then EASEEtrade™ will undertake a conversion from one EDI standard to another on your behalf. No need to develop multiple solutions let EASEEtrade™ take care of it for you.

Why should your run your own transaction hub?

In many cases you will not need to run your own transaction hub, Cat Tech run a common version of EASEEtrade™ and any Cat Tech customer is welcome to use our implementation of EASEEtrade™. However large corporations and government departments may wish to manage their own transaction interchange. For these customer Cat Tech's EASEEtrade™ is a viable solution

Looking to set up a transaction hub ?
The Cat Tech EASEEtrade™software enables you to undertake Business-To-Business (B2B) electronic procurement in multiple formats and with multiple parties and with security and satisfaction.

EASEEtrade™ implements full SSL security on transaction exchange and can be configured to support PKI security exchange of keys

Contact Cat Tech direct to discuss how EASEEtrade™ can be implemented for you.