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e-procurement made easy

EASEE allows you to sell to all your customers 24/7 using one system that supports different sales channels (B2C, B2B, B2Salesforce) with online catalogues and customer-specific pricing. It’s a truly affordable, cost-effective option that integrates with existing accounting systems and minimises man hours spent processing transactions.

So as a progressive supplier, isn’t it time you joined the EASEE revolution?

EASEEsell – become a super supplier
The evolution of the global e-marketplace means it’s now imperative that you, as a supplier, have the right e-procurement system in place. Without wanting to overstate the matter, your choice of e-procurement software could mean the difference between growing your business or falling behind.

However, EASEE makes the decision relatively, well, easy. Our software suite is both comprehensive and flexible. It’s as suited to buyers and it is to sellers. It’s as highly regarded by large enterprises as it is by the smallest of SMEs. And it’s the universal appeal of EASEE’s functionality that makes it the perfect choice for suppliers looking to position themselves at the heart of the global e-procurement evolution.

EASEE allows you to connect with all your existing buying markets, big and small. Once implemented, it also allows you to easily and simply connect to new markets, whether local, national or international.

B2B and B2C
EASEE enables you to participate in both B2B and B2C markets with equal ease and peace of mind. All the benefits that corporate buyers and procurement teams enjoy can be enjoyed by individual consumers too.

The benefits of integrated administration

EASEE can be integrated into an impressive and growing number of accounting packages, streamlining e-procurement administration. Not only does this save time and, therefore, money, it’s an approach that makes it easier for you and your customers to track orders and available inventory, resulting in a more satisfying customer experience – our web-based interface makes administration simple.

EASEE streamlining the supply process

The Supply Process

This streamlined process automates the key time consuming tasks of the procurement process, matching supplier and buyer data. Consequently, the transaction data never has to be re-keyed, which saves time and reduces errors. There is minimal human processing required, which results in huge time and cost savings, especially where regular low-cost purchases are made.

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