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Large corporate suppliers to streamline their business are implementing comprehensive and integrated systems that reduce their costs and increase their margins.

These systems can provide some very attractive features for you in your business but, in the end, much of their cost saving is through you being their resource to offload their data entry in those integrated systems.

Not only are you entering data into their system for them you have to then enter it into your system for yourself.

Why should your corporate suppliers get all the savings?

You can also realise benefits from the investments made by the progressive suppliers you choose to buy from.

EASEE buy – become a super buyer
The Cat Tech EASEEbuy™ software enables you to undertake Business-To-Business (B2B) electronic procurement with you and your suppliers.

EASEEbuy is fully integrated to popular accounting/ERP suites such as MYOB, QuickBooks, Pronto and others, and allows you to punch-out, shop, and import a shopping cart into your accounting suite to create a purchase order without the need to re-key any data.

EASEEbuy supports a number of popular B2B e-commerce formats to transmit from your accounting suite a fully qualified purchase order reducing your need for input and thereby saving you further costs.

For example, with EASEEbuy there is no need for you to get a manual quote from your supplier and to then enter that data into your accounting system one line item at a time.  EASEEbuy will create each item as a separate line in the quote on your behalf. No rekeying of data and no errors because of sloppy data entry. 

EASEEbuy makes purchasing goods from your suppliers quick, simple, accurate and secure.

EASEEbuy cuts the man hours on menial tasks and saves you valuable business dollars.

The EASEEbuy process is no different from the manual process except the computers talk to each other and the process is done in seconds not hours or days.

EASEE: streamlining the buying process

Buying Process
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